March 2011


On Saturday 19 March I managed to get along to see Pick Me Up at Somerset House. This is the second year of the show, and each year I am convinced it is definitely something I will keep going back to. Here are some of the things I saw, and loved.

A newly discovered collective called Ink Illustration were taking part in some live drawing on Saturday at Pick Me Up. They seemed to be really lovely girls and I truly I loved the style of the drawings. Also, what a delightful choice of colours they used?!

Jessica Hische and her wonderfully designed alphabet made me want to crack on with my own alphabet. The variation and theme of each letter was really interesting. Some letters looked classic and others very new. I particulary liked the letter ‘O’ which had a little landscape drawing in the middle.

Love, love, love Paul Blows work! There where some wonderful large-scale landscape prints of forests that really caught my eye (sorry, no pictures). A real lesson in just going for it visually, I think.

I was very intrigued by the chaos of resident Graphic Artist, Anthony Burrill. It seemed like a bit of a free-for-all, where everyone was invited to create artwork from photocopied images using many motifs seen his work. There was also a live DJ!

Last but not least, my favourite work of the day! 
Otecki, and his absolutely amazing large-scale Lino prints!
I am just in love with the pattern and quality of the print, and am eager to get hold of some lino to have a go myself.


As you may have read in a previous post, I had submitted 4 designs to an international competition to design a sock. 
I am so excited to say that my feather design is in the final 25! 
Now, all it needs is plenty of votes to go through to the final 10. To vote (if you feel like it) please click the picture to head over to the facebook page. 


You may have seen in a previous post, a half circle design that I was working on. Well, that half circle became a full circle, and I hope to get it printed up as a Limited Edition A3 print. 
Also, today I am working in my sketchbook, drawing birds again. 
I have my mind set on Kingfishers, but also want to do some dramatic birds like crows, or magpies. However, I have no expectations at the moment. Letting the ideas form naturally seems the best option right now. 


Due to economic reasons I will be phasing out the Mini Prints that are currently available in my shop. All that are available are listed and ready to ship, so this is really your last chance to get mini artwork for £5. I understand that these have been quite popular, but I cannot afford to keep printing them unfortunately. All artwork from now on, will be listed as either A4, or A3 when I can. I hope to start doing more Limited Editions too. Head on over to the shop HERE to see what is left!