June 2012

On Saturday 23rd June, I attended the AOI talks on Illustration and the Children’s Book Industry. Talks were given by Chris Haughton, Claudia Boldt, Fig Taylor, Deirdre McDermott from Walker Books, Alex T.Smith, Philippa Milnes’Smith from LAW Writers and Artists Agents, and lastly Tony Ross.

The talks were inspiring, insightful and encouraging. I went away with pages of notes, and lots to think about. I also went away with a pile of books that I got signed by the author/illustrators, which I wanted to share with you below. You may have already seen an earlier post I did on my Children’s book collection, but if you haven’t I have provided a link for you here: http://alicepotter.co.uk/2012/childrens-books/

I also wanted to point out the wonderful Marloes de Vries who held a recent competition to win her book, That 17th Hat. Well, I was lucky enough to be one of 2 winners! It’s a beautiful book, and thanks to Marloes to sending it to me. The other book is Peepshow Collectives (not a children’s book, I know, but new to my collection). This one was signed by the entire collective too!