December 2012

I just wanted to take some time to wish you all a Happy New Year! 2012 was a great year for me professionally, with some great clients under my belt, and lots of new industry friends and contacts made. I want 2013 to be bigger and better both personally and professionally. Maybe get my wish at doing a book cover or two, and also take part in an exhibition…. Unlike last year though, I am not going to make a huge list of things to achieve, but just let it all happen and see where the year takes me. A holiday would be nice though!

I am currently working on my very first animal alphabet, which I hope to turn into a HUUUGE poster next year, as well as a series of new greetings cards. My first is the anteater, which has been sitting in an old sketchbook for a good long while. It’s nice to have finally done something with it. I will try and update you as the alphabet progresses, but for now, enjoy this little guy.

Recently, I have been stuck in a creative rut, which is never fun. I decided to take some action, and after reading this article by illustrator Simon Wild, I felt suitable inspired. I made my list, and am now randomly working my way through it to see what happens. Today, after deciding how much I loved boots (I own two pairs of desert boots and a pair of chelsea boots as well as many others), I decided that I would draw some of the ones that I own. The resulting illustration reminds me of people queuing for a service.