May 2015

I’m really excited to announce that my collection of prints and patterns will be on show with my agents, Cinnamon Joe Studio at the new BluePrint show in New York. Along with 11 other studios, Cinnamon Joe Studio are inviting buyers and art licencors to visit between the 14th – 16th May 2015. You can find out more HERE.

From the 17th – 19th May, I will also have some of my work shown at Surtex on behalf of A Fresh Bunch and my new agents, Pure Illustration. Fingers crossed for some positive reactions to my work.

I have been illustrating for Tesco for 2 years now illustrating a variety of things from craft projects for kids, to recipes. Recently I did two illustrations for two recipes. One was Asparagus 4 Ways, and the second was for a Pop Tart recipe. I wanted to share my original ideas and to show you the edited final. I really prefer the depth I created in the original asparagus piece, but Tesco asked me to to remove the texture on the table. I also added the title in the middle, and changed the positions and colours of the recipes on each section. The Pop Tart piece was originally proposed with the written instructions, but Tesco wanted it to be very visual with just the ingredients. I love the colours in this piece which came about after I was making a pattern on illustrator and accidentally created this palette. I HAD to use it somewhere!