February 2016

Recently, I was lucky enough to be asked to work once again with the team at Bulletin Magazine on an internal editorial illustration. Last year I did a typographic cover for the magazine, which was my first cover art, and my overall experience with the team at the publishers, has led me to love the creative freedom they give their artists.

Below is my editorial spread for the article on therapists using Skype to offer one-one sessions with school students.

I wanted my illustration to convey the privacy of the sessions but also the remoteness of doing therapy via the internet. To convey this I used the image of a desk in an office with the computer screen showing the start of a session between a child and their therapist.

You can see below some rough sketches that were sent along to the client before I started on the computer. These are more rough than I normally would do, and I would generally tend to do roughs on the computer in line. You can see the theme beginning here in the roughs, and the client decided upon the bottom version which was my top choice.

Editorial Illustration for Bulletin magazine - rough illustration

Bulletin Magazine March 2016 edition

This is the final version in print in the March 2016 edition over a centre fold spread. I’m really happy with the simple colour scheme and overall effect of the finished illustration. Coming up with a solution to the subject matter was a challenge but I think I achieved a response that was both bold and sensitive to the theme.

Bulletin Magazine Internal Editorial Illustration by London based Illustrator Alice Potter

Bulletin Magazine Internal Editorial Illustration by London based Illustrator Alice Potter

It’s a real pleasure to work with clients who give creative freedom to their artists, and I hope to have the opportunity to work with the team at Bulletin again.

If you like this editorial piece and would like something similar, then please get in touch HERE.

I love pinning DIY projects onto my pinterest board, and although I don’t always have the time to do craft projects, I love knowing that I only have to look at this one board for a whole bunch of inspiration. Weekends are great for trying new things out, so I have compiled my top 5 DIY’s from my board, which you can try in your own free time.

1.DIY Grid Planters – I actually did something quite similar last year and it was so effective. These ones are by Homey Oh My.

DIY Grid Planters

2.DIY Marquee Letters – These are so cool! From Love grows Wild.

DIY Marquee Letters

3.DIY Temporary Tattoo Ornaments –  The Crafted Life’s DIY is so dreamy. I still want to do this for Christmas.

DIY Tattoo Ornaments

4.DIY Stacking House Blocks – I like these because they appeal to my illustrative nature. I imagine designing a whole town in my style one day. I just need to find some wooden blocks. From Mer Mag.

DIY Stacking House Blocks

5.DIY Yarn Wall Hanging – i Spy DIY’s Wall hanging is the simplest project, and yet so beautiful. I think I would pick some neutral colours to work with.

DIY Yarn Wall Hanging