June 2016

I recently brought myself a small box of Winsor and Newton Designers Gouache as I have been itching to try out painting with these for a while. Acrylic and watercolour have never felt good to me. They make me feel uncomfortable and lacking in skill, so when I painted the Blue Vase, I was so happy with how it all felt. I like the feel of the paint on paper and how it reflects my digital work. How you can layer up colours and details on top of each other. There are so many possibilities to explore my illustration work through the medium of paint.

When I was studying at university I remember trying to use paint as a way to explore my artwork, but always ended up gravitating to the computer where I felt less pressure. Painting has so much history behind it, and sometimes it feels like all of my contemporaries can paint well. Instead, I’m going to give myself room to explore and play and learn and not to expect anything from painting with gouache.

Painting the blue vase with flowers was an experiment in imagination. I used no source material and just created shapes that felt right to fill the page. I think it could be nice to try painting flowers from source and this may be something I try in the future.


In this post you can see an A3 painting of some kitchen spices. I chose really vintage colours in pinks and greens, and added lines and details that reflected my sketchbook work. I enjoyed the layout of this piece and the possible applications of this artwork. You can see that if you click HERE.

It’s currently available in my art licensing portfolio. If you are interested in any of my art, please get in TOUCH.

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