About - Alice Potter | Surface Pattern Designer and Illustrator, London
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Alice Potter Illustration Profile Picture

about me

Hello! Thanks for coming and checking out my work. You must LOVE colour and pattern as much as I do. I spend my days drawing collections and designs for the gift, stationery and kids clothing market as well as doing the occasional private commission. At home in my studio, you will find me surrounded by pencil sketches on paper, as I feverishly recreate my work on the computer. This past year, I decided to take the Lilla Rogers Make Art That Sells ecourse, and that had a huge impact on my work. It increased my passion for design and illustration a lot, and made me realise there is a little place for all us out there in the world.

With my partner, Aurelien Vassal, I am also co-founder of new home decor brand, KUTE, which will be launching this year.

If you want to work with me on a new commission please do get in touch on:


Alternatively, my agents, PURE, will be delighted to discuss opportunities with you.

You can contact them here:


I love to receive email!

All the best Alice

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