Animated Gif Illustration Using Adobe Photoshop and the Puppet Warp Tool

Last week, I had the pleasure of visiting the AOI World Illustration Awards in London. As I walked around with my friends, I was struck by the number of simple but effective animated illustations on show and this prompted me into looking at how I could achieve something similar with little effect. My mind always buzzes when I get to see world class illustration and makes me adore the industry that I work within.

Finding this tutorial on Skillshare, I was able to learn the basic principals of using the Puppet warp tool in Adobe Photoshop CC 2018. I think this tool is only available in this version, so you will have to upgrade to try it out.

This is not a tutorial for you today, as it would be too complicated for me to explain. I just wanted to share the result of my first attempt at this simple and easy to understand form of animation. Jamie Bartlett, who teaches the class on skillshare, runs through a few different techniques too, including

  • tweening and duplication
  • frame by frame.

I hope to give these techniques a try soon too.

I used an original, old illustration from illustrator and I copied and pasted each element over into a new file in photoshop. This was convenient as I tend not to work in Photoshop for my artwork. My final animated illustration is on a very basic loop, and is a little jerky, but effective.

I have linked below my referral  link for those of you that want to try out skillshare classes like this one for a trial period.


See the original illustration in my portfolio HERE.

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