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25 Apr >Cellardoor Magazine

>My commissioned piece for the Spring Fling Issue of Cellardoor Magazine can be seen on the left. It is based on the original War-time Keep Calm and Carry On posters. There are lots of wonderful articles in the magazine, all beautifully illustrated, designed and edited. Click HERE to...

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11 Apr >My Etsy Faves

>This is one of my favourite features on Etsy, and with the addition of Circles, I really love to see what other people are liking. It is these tools which I think are really opening up the Etsy community.It used to be quite hard to...

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04 Apr >Tale To Tell

>I have just taken part in the very fun project A Tale To Tell project. 'An illustrated, collaborative storytelling project' devised by illustrators Jamie Mills and Jane RichardsonThe story, now in it's 12th chapter, starts with the beginning of the Jungle Book, but as each illustrator and artist...

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