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26 Mar >A Murder of Crows

>My latest addition to my Pattern collection in my portfolio, and probably my most complicated yet. I have always wanted to do an overlapping repeat with animals, after seeing a Hussein Chalayan animal repeat of wild animals, during in my studies at Uni. It's only...

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22 Mar >Pick Me Up

>On Saturday 19 March I managed to get along to see Pick Me Up at Somerset House. This is the second year of the show, and each year I am convinced it is definitely something I will keep going back to. Here are some of the things...

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11 Mar >Mini Prints Phase Out

>Due to economic reasons I will be phasing out the Mini Prints that are currently available in my shop. All that are available are listed and ready to ship, so this is really your last chance to get mini artwork for £5. I understand that these have...

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