There have been a real lack of updates on my time in Paris lately. After a  few weeks in London I went back out in mid July and stayed another 3 weeks with my boyfriend. We went to Versailles, and suffered a 40 degree heat wave and by the end of it decided on a mini  holiday to Marseille which was so lovely! My French is really not progressing as much as I would like, but I am enjoying my time out there,but having the flexibility f coming here too. I would like to recommend the new Eurostar service to and from the South of France. I did the return journey from Marseille to London St Pancras and it was really quite fun. I’ll pop pictures of Marseilles in my next post.



I thought I should update you all on the last 3 weeks I have spent in Paris. I came out in early May with my mum. It was an opportunity for her to relax and take her mind off of things since my dad’s passing. We spent 3 full days travelling all around Paris and seeing things she hadn’t seen before. She was definitely exhausted by the end, but I am so happy she got to see my little flat and the area of Saint Cloud in which I stay.

After she returned to London, I spent some time re-adjusting to being here as it had been 2 months almost since I had left previously. I started working on projects, going to the gym regularly and have enjoyed many fun weekends enjoying what Paris has to offer. I am now back in London for 3 weeks, where I will be attending my nieces baptism and catching up with friends.

Here are a few pictures of my time here in May:





I’m really excited to announce that my collection of prints and patterns will be on show with my agents, Cinnamon Joe Studio at the new BluePrint show in New York. Along with 11 other studios, Cinnamon Joe Studio are inviting buyers and art licencors to visit between the 14th – 16th May 2015. You can find out more HERE.

From the 17th – 19th May, I will also have some of my work shown at Surtex on behalf of A Fresh Bunch and my new agents, Pure Illustration. Fingers crossed for some positive reactions to my work.

I have been illustrating for Tesco for 2 years now illustrating a variety of things from craft projects for kids, to recipes. Recently I did two illustrations for two recipes. One was Asparagus 4 Ways, and the second was for a Pop Tart recipe. I wanted to share my original ideas and to show you the edited final. I really prefer the depth I created in the original asparagus piece, but Tesco asked me to to remove the texture on the table. I also added the title in the middle, and changed the positions and colours of the recipes on each section. The Pop Tart piece was originally proposed with the written instructions, but Tesco wanted it to be very visual with just the ingredients. I love the colours in this piece which came about after I was making a pattern on illustrator and accidentally created this palette. I HAD to use it somewhere!




This March I have just completed Part B of the Lilla Rogers e-course. This was a follow on to Part A and sees a new market being introduced each week for 5 weeks. For me on a personal level, completing the assignments was strenuous. I lost my dad and my cat in March and was emotionally exhausted (I still am). Finding a little energy each day I managed to get though the assignments, completing artwork for the markets: stationery and card, kids clothing, scarpbooking, editorial and party paper.

You can see my final pieces below (minus 1).

I’m about to restart Bootcamp now, so will be posting monthly reviews of my work for the next 3 months.







Back in January I moved (for the very first time in  my life) out of my family home in London, to a small flat in Saint Cloud just outside of Paris.

I was terrified, stressed beyond belief, and hated leaving my parents. I’m writing this now, as my Dad has recently passed away after a long battle with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) and he was so happy and chuffed to see me fly the parental nest. I’m pleased he got to see me grow up at least a little.

I’m currently back in London now, but will be going back to small flat as soon as i can. The satisfaction of knowing how easy it is to travel between here and there makes it a little easier on the heart and head, and I don’t think my Dad would have wanted to me give up so soon.

I’m going to try and share more of my experiences out there on this blog so please do check back. Below are some snaps of my first 7 weeks in Paris.

I’ll be back soon.

Au revoir!


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Wall Art was the flavour of the month and the theme was scenic vintage plates.

After researching and sketching a little (a very little due to time restraints), I started focusing on folk style houses.

The main assignment was to paint on a round wood slice, and with some experimenting I opted to do a digital illustration rendered onto the wood.

You can see my final artwork below and you can access the entire class gallery HERE.

I’m looking forward to starting MATS Part B on Monday now. I enjoy the intensity of this course and how much I can learn and grow in just 5 weeks.

I’ll be doing my weekly blog roundups during the course so check back here then.

Have a creative day!




A look at some of the development work and my final design for January’s Assignment Bootcamp.

I have just signed up to do Lilla Rogers Make Art That Sells Part B course which starts in March.

This course is different to Bootcamp. It is over 5 weeks and will cover various markets each week including paper goods, kids clothes and editorial.

I love the fast pace of this course and I learnt so much from Part A, that I am so buzzed to be taking the next one. I’ll keep you all updated here.