April 16th


I had a nice surprise today when I was checking my website. I noticed that I had hundreds of views and they were all coming from Print & Pattern, a blog on the world of surface pattern and design in industry. It was also nice because just below me was also featured Bonbi Forest,whose work ethic and style I love, and admire. 
Consequently, I have had a good day, with lots of views on the website and shop, and one or two sales that have occurred directly because of the feature. 
Lastly, I am still preparing everything for the Crafty Fox Pop Up Market this Saturday 16th April, at the Dogstar, Brixton. I have artwork to print out and package, a stock list to make, and probably other things which will transpire over the next few days, but I am very excited. Come along if you are in the area!
Also, I have been given the task to design something, and I was thinking it might be nice to really document the whole process for you all to see. From sketches, to the final product, so keep a look out. I might even tell you what it is for.
P.s. Readers of Computer Arts Magazine might like to know that I am featured in Issue 187 ‘The Great Ideas Issue’. I can be found in the Exposure Section of the magazine.