Keep the kids(and Adults) occupied with these Easter DIY Craft Projects

It’s time to try some DIY craft as it’s the Easter holidays here in the UK, which for many means two whole weeks of spending time with family and celebrating the joys of spring and new birth. I was asked by Etsy UK to come up with 5 simple DIY craft ideas that you can do with children, letting you get creative indoors, when it is likely raining out.

Feel free to use the free downloads I created, or make your own masks and flowers out of left over paper and card in your house. This is your opportunity to let your imagination run free.

Please only do crafts involving scissors with adult supervision.

Easter-DIY_Craft_Bunny-Mask_Alice Potter_Illustration

Easter Bunny Mask

A classic favourite, an Easter mask can be easily made using simple white card or even paper plates which you might have available at home. Cut out the face shape and eye holes, and attach ears with superglue. Decorate with flowers, whiskers, bows and more to make your bunny truly unique.

Spring Flower Garland

This is a really pretty craft idea, and is perfect for Spring time. You can easily make paper flowers using colourful paper or old magazines and newspapers. Make them flat or 3Dimensional, and string them together and hang along your mantle.


Spring Flower Wreath

I think this is a perfect opportunity to use real flowers if possible as it’s the right time of year to celebrate all the beautiful new blooms available. If this isn’t possible though, why not use the same flowers you used for your garland and apply them to a circle of card with lots of leaf shapes to add depth. String this up and hang from a window.

Easter Egg Colouring Page

Who doesn’t like colouring in on a rainy day? Draw your own designs in black and white, or use the fun collection of eggs I have provided.

Easter Patterns

Use to make easter egg holders or decorate boxes and baskets.


Download your free DIY Easter Crafts HERE.

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Spring Greeting Card
The Woodpecker Limited Edition Fine Art 8×11 Print in 
Turquoise and Orange. Number 1 of 10.
I am hosting my first ever giveaway which is exciting. You can win one of my new limited edition ‘The Woodpecker’ prints, a greeting card, a set of 4 badges, and one of the Etsy UK tote bags. All you have to do is follow the blog, and leave a comment below. The competition will end on the 10th July 2011.The competition is open to UK and non-UK residents! At the end of that time, I will pick a name at random to select a winner. If you don’t manage to win, and you are able to get along to one of the Etsy UK Summer events, you may be able to grab a bag from there too, although, I have been informed that they are very popular! 
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There is just one full day now until the Crafty Fox Pop Up Market, in Brixton, and all this week I have been printing, trimming, packaging and pricing items.I have little piles of greeting cards and artwork all over my room. On top of that, I have been drawing some originals which you can see in the bottom picture and which will be available to buy on the day. I might even be turning up with one or two more if my fingers will allow me to hold a pencil again 😀


I had a nice surprise today when I was checking my website. I noticed that I had hundreds of views and they were all coming from Print & Pattern, a blog on the world of surface pattern and design in industry. It was also nice because just below me was also featured Bonbi Forest,whose work ethic and style I love, and admire. 
Consequently, I have had a good day, with lots of views on the website and shop, and one or two sales that have occurred directly because of the feature. 
Lastly, I am still preparing everything for the Crafty Fox Pop Up Market this Saturday 16th April, at the Dogstar, Brixton. I have artwork to print out and package, a stock list to make, and probably other things which will transpire over the next few days, but I am very excited. Come along if you are in the area!
Also, I have been given the task to design something, and I was thinking it might be nice to really document the whole process for you all to see. From sketches, to the final product, so keep a look out. I might even tell you what it is for.
P.s. Readers of Computer Arts Magazine might like to know that I am featured in Issue 187 ‘The Great Ideas Issue’. I can be found in the Exposure Section of the magazine.