Back in the Summer of 2017 I was commissioned by Abacus Cards to create some bespoke lettering that will be made into a repeat pattern design for birthday gift wrap and tags.

Initially, I came up with about 4 design ideas, including two feminine designs, and two more gender neutral ideas, until this one eventually was chosen. We  then began developing and finalising the final design together collaboratively. From sketch to final art,  it was a pleasure to work with the team at Abacus to develop this gift wrap design.

Abacus Cards - Gift Wrap - Birthday - Pattern Design - Alice Potter

Abacus Cards - Gift Wrap and Tags - Birthday - Pattern Design - Alice Potter

The final product is a 500mm x 700 mm gift wrap with the lettering print and two matching gift tags.

If you would like a similar bespoke piece for your brand, please contact my art licensing agents, Advocate Art.

See the original artwork on my portfolio HERE.

Abacus Cards - Gift Wrap - Birthday - Pattern Design - Alice Potter

I’m excited to share my new surface pattern collection, Into The Wood. It’s a new direction and focus for me, steering myself away from editorial illustrations to my first love of patterns. Ideally, I will begin to license these designs and as my collections grow, I may consider moving all patterns to a new website.

For now, this is my first fully complete collection, Into The Wood:

Woodland CollectionWoodland Acorns_01










Woodland Acorns_02 Woodland Flower Spot_01 Woodland Flower Spot_02 Woodland Heart_01 Woodland Leaves_01 Woodland Motifs Spot_10


Woodland Owls_11

I’m currently undertaking a new personal project illustrating simple portraits of people showing either a profession or leisure activity.

The portraits sit alongside another set of illustration showing objects related to the job or activity.

Here are the first few so far:

Cool Male Designer_01

Woman On Holiday_01 Holiday Objects_01

Medical Equipment_01 Female Doctor_01


Actually, It’s Lion and Tiger and Bear and it’s my new Limited Edition 8×16 Print. Inspiration has been a bit thin on the ground and I am thankful I am doing Children’s book illustration as a course right now, as it has given me the courage to explore character illustration more. My new print is available to buy for just £15 at my Etsy shop. I hope I can continue to explore more characters which I can bring to you soon.


This is Lola. She is a famous little hamster that belongs to my friend Jade. Lola once appeared in QI on an animal special as one of those pictures that come up in the background! 
Jade had asked me to draw little Lola, and this is what I came up with. It’s a kind of homage to her celebrity status.
Let me know what you think?
I think it’s one of the funniest and cutest things I have done!