I am currently building up what I like to call a library of images. In my library so far, there is a variety of paper cut trees in various shapes and colours, and hand drawn mountains.  I soon hope to add cabins and tents so I can start building up a sense of place. To help me with this I have constructed these really simple backgrounds in Photoshop, which should add to the sense of distance and isolation I am aiming for.  My work is really steam-rolling ahead now, and this weekend I plan on getting a new, and well deserved printer, so I can start pumping out my images for your delight. This obviously means that it will not be long before I will be opening up my new Etsy store. I hope to be selling A4 prints, postcards, badges, pocket mirrors, keyrings, brooches and necklaces. I also have plans to start up a bi-annual zine, so if anyone has any advice or wants to be a part of this future venture then please contact me. 

‘The Sun Shone Like Ice’ mixed media illustration, April 2010

‘I can Hear Myself Think’ mixed media illustration, April 2010