lions and tigers and bears


The other week I managed to win (to my surprise) the weekly All Tropical competition with my Cat on a Mat design. This week I have a new design up of my Tiger, and he needs your votes and comments and sharing ability on all social networks! You can do this by clicking HERE.

Also, I have been working on my 3rd brief for my Children’s illustration course, and have come up with a simple picture book of an owl, called ‘Hello! What’s This?’ Here is a single page preview of it:

I am really enjoying coming up with stories and images appropriate for kids and my friend who is a mother too, said she liked the sound of everything I was doing, which has to be a good start 😀


Actually, It’s Lion and Tiger and Bear and it’s my new Limited Edition 8×16 Print. Inspiration has been a bit thin on the ground and I am thankful I am doing Children’s book illustration as a course right now, as it has given me the courage to explore character illustration more. My new print is available to buy for just £15 at my Etsy shop. I hope I can continue to explore more characters which I can bring to you soon.