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You may have seen a previous post showing some very early ideas for a fashion illustration series. The top image shows the result of that mini project, ‘Line Dancing’ which is available in my Society 6 shop and my Etsy shop. I am also pleased to announce the arrival of my Winter Wolf Christmas Cards. They are pretty lush, and I can’t wait to sell my first pack! Head on over to my Etsy shop to grab your pack!


My latest illustrative creations include a ‘Wild Horses’ and ‘Winter Wolves’.  The horses were inspired heavily by Ancient Greek depictions of horses, particularly from Etruscan Bronzes. 
You can buy the horses as quality Giclee prints,, T Shirts and more in my Society 5 shop HERE.
Apart from working on horses I have been thinking about winter, and noticing how icy it seems to be getting. Creating a fresh new winter themed idea began to be a priority. My wolves (there are four different colour ways) will be arriving soon in the form of Christmas cards and pocket mirrors, which I think will make perfect stocking fillers! I will also be posting them up to buy as a print in my Etsy shop HERE as well as on Society 6 and Envelop. You will have lot’s of choice for my new winter collection. Look out for the ‘Arctic Fox’ soon as well!


The Sea number 1 Print

Laptop skin

Phone skin


This is my latest design to go on Society 6. I am currently looking at a variety of ways to draw water, and this is my first outcome. 

In the post below you can see a short video and some stills showing the drawing process in development. I hope to add the same design to some products on Envelop too.


Exciting times are afoot! I have recently discovered Society 6.  This is a site that encourages networking, creativity, and a variety of other opportunities from my understanding. It also allows you to post artwork and make it available as a print.  You are then given the option to add your design to other products which you can see above.  My Red Fox design is already up and available to buy as a TShirt, Laptop skin and iPod and iPhone skin, which is really exciting. Come and visit my shop HERE