textile design

I’m excited to share my new surface pattern collection, Into The Wood. It’s a new direction and focus for me, steering myself away from editorial illustrations to my first love of patterns. Ideally, I will begin to license these designs and as my collections grow, I may consider moving all patterns to a new website.

For now, this is my first fully complete collection, Into The Wood:

Woodland CollectionWoodland Acorns_01










Woodland Acorns_02 Woodland Flower Spot_01 Woodland Flower Spot_02 Woodland Heart_01 Woodland Leaves_01 Woodland Motifs Spot_10


Woodland Owls_11


New designs for 2010. 
I have been working on a British Wildlife inspired project for a while, and these are the first results.
Look out for more feathers and animals, including harvest mice, squirrels, beetles and rare British Reptiles.
You can shop with me again at ENVELOP where my illustrations and prints will be available to buy as pillow covers, tote bags, etc. Please note that the prices on ENVELOP are Euros.
Hope to see you there!