This week it’s a slightly biased post as I am sharing one of the patterns designed by my boyfriend Aurelien. He is soon about to launch his first lampshade collection and you can see one of the first prototypes at the manufacturers below. The collection is very geometric and graphic and they will mostly be screen printed in black and white onto the cotton shades.

We are obviously very excited and eager to find stockists who may wish to find out more about them lamps. Feel free to get in touch with me if you are interested.





Logo designed for Tesco Living new online Kid’s Safari Club.

The brief required me to create a simple logo to be used on all the activities on the site. Simple hand lettered typography with the magnifying glass and bumble bee created an effective logo design that was child friendly.

I have also shown two other variations that I proposed to the client before the final was chosen.

Client: Tesco Living

April 2014

Tesco Kid's Safari Club_01 Tesco Kid's Safari Club_02 Tesco Kid's Safari Club_03

I just wanted to share this recent editorial I did for Click Magazine. It’s a 1/4 page illustration on the theme of archiving. You can see by the roughs that I came up with the the idea pretty quickly.

I really enjoyed working on this piece for the client. I only wish I could see a print copy.

Click Magazine_Archiving

Click Roughs_02


Click Roughs_01

Click Roughs_03