MATS Part A Week 4 – Wall Art

Alice Potter Abstract Collage Give Life Everything Wall Art

MATS Part A Week 4 – Wall Art

I am writing this at the end of week 5 and the end of the course, but I just wanted to summarise the work and the assignment. We were looking at Wall Art last week which is a very broad and creative field. Really, just about anyone can get work in the wall art market, and thankfully, for us digital artists, the market is opening up to our styles too. For the purposes of exploring my style, I decided to do a bit of painting, and using those textures, I created abstract shapes and floral shapes to form my art. In  our lessons during the week we had been told that adding words can create more of an emotional bond between the person and the art. I wanted something to be empowering, with a ‘Get UP and GO’ feel. I went with, ‘Give Life Everything’ in the end, and felt that words really compliment the art. I’m hoping to have this printed soon as a canvas for my room because I want to be told this every day from now on.

You can see my final piece below from the weeks assignment.

WIP Give Life Everything_Wall Art

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