>New Camera!

>New Camera!


Yesterday, I brought myself the gorgeous Sony Nex 5, as my small compact just wasn’t cutting it any more. The picture, recently had dramatically fallen. Now, I am not an expert, but I will say that it handles very well. It has weight to it, like a proper metal camera. The lens (which is interchangeable) is brilliant. The picture quality is amazing! It was so worth it, and buying it now gives me a week, to get used to it before I take it on holiday. Above are just a few quick shots of some flowers in the garden, and a little shot of my cat, Scruffy, with her tongue out. She has no front teeth, so this is a regular look for her 😀  

             In other news, a pair of beautiful cushion covers, designed by Anke Weckmann arrived in the post today. I brought these from Envelop, and am so impressed with the quality! As a designer and seller on there, it’s nice to become a customer for once. These are part of the Lavender club collection, which you can buy HERE

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