Paris Diaries – Part 2

Alice Potter Paris

Paris Diaries – Part 2

I thought I should update you all on the last 3 weeks I have spent in Paris. I came out in early May with my mum. It was an opportunity for her to relax and take her mind off of things since my dad’s passing. We spent 3 full days travelling all around Paris and seeing things she hadn’t seen before. She was definitely exhausted by the end, but I am so happy she got to see my little flat and the area of Saint Cloud in which I stay.

After she returned to London, I spent some time re-adjusting to being here as it had been 2 months almost since I had left previously. I started working on projects, going to the gym regularly and have enjoyed many fun weekends enjoying what Paris has to offer. I am now back in London for 3 weeks, where I will be attending my nieces baptism and catching up with friends.

Here are a few pictures of my time here in May:





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