Flowers Surface Pattern Design by Alice Potter Illustration
A pretty and colour bold flower surface pattern design collection and placement print for children's clothes, by Alice Rebecca Potter
Alice Potter, illustration, London illustrator, surface design, floral bouquet, flowers, textile design, pattern design
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Flowers Pattern by Alice Potter Illustration Flowers Pattern by Alice Potter Illustration

October 02, 2015

Children's Clothing Print, Illustration, Patterns
alice potter illustration, art licensing, bold flowers, flower bouquet, flowers, graphic, london illustrator, london surface print designer, pattern design
About This Project

This collection is all about the simplicity and beauty of flowers. Transforming them into their most basic forms allows their beauty to shine.

It’s collage style artwork¬†make it ideal for bolt fabric, children’s clothes, greeting cards and stationery or home decor.

If you are interested in this image, please contact me HERE