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Unless you follow me on twitter, I kept this a little under wraps. Towards the end of 2017 I noticed a call out by Templar Publishing for a new competition. Called the Templar Illustration Prize, the competition was open to both students and professionals.

The brief was to design a book cover and story board on the theme of dragons. I entered my piece back in March 2018, and to my great surprise I made the final 10! Unfortunately, I didn’t make it through to the last 3, but the knowledge that I may just have story potential for children’s books, inside me is motivating. I honestly didn’t think my entry would ever make it as far as it did.

In honour of my time in the competition coming to an end, I thought I would share my cover design and a favourite spread with you.

Thank you Templar Publishing for the competition and support.

Read more about the competition HERE.

See my portfolio HERE.

Early sketches.

At this early point, I really thought I couldn’t continue with my submission. I found it very difficult to illustrate and design a dragon. Some of these are mortifying, but I wanted to share so you can see the process.


Dragon_Development-Work_02_Alice-Potter_2018Design development on the iPad Pro.

Templar Illustration Prize 2018 ShortlistFinal cover idea.

Templar Illustration Prize 2018 ShortlistInternal spread.


Back in the Summer of 2017 I was commissioned by Abacus Cards to create some bespoke lettering that will be made into a repeat pattern design for birthday gift wrap and tags.

Initially, I came up with about 4 design ideas, including two feminine designs, and two more gender neutral ideas, until this one eventually was chosen. We  then began developing and finalising the final design together collaboratively. From sketch to final art,  it was a pleasure to work with the team at Abacus to develop this gift wrap design.

Abacus Cards - Gift Wrap - Birthday - Pattern Design - Alice Potter

Abacus Cards - Gift Wrap and Tags - Birthday - Pattern Design - Alice Potter

The final product is a 500mm x 700 mm gift wrap with the lettering print and two matching gift tags.

If you would like a similar bespoke piece for your brand, please contact my art licensing agents, Advocate Art.

See the original artwork on my portfolio HERE.

Abacus Cards - Gift Wrap - Birthday - Pattern Design - Alice Potter

Easter as a holiday seems to have grown in popularity over the last few years. Easter eggs are available as soon as Christmas is over, and the product range is vast ranging from bunny ears to easter egg hunt kits.

This year, I wanted to design a sweet print collection aimed at children’s clothes.

It needed the following themes:

  1. Bunnies
  2. Flower
  3. Chicks
  4. Eggs
  5. Pastel colours
  6. A main print
  7. A smaller ‘ditsy print’
  8. Placement prints for t-shirts

With these points in mind I drew up some cute bunny and chick characters for my pattern design. These were worked into a main pattern repeat with flowers to add interest. The overall effect is sweet and has a sense of movement to it.

I also worked on a ditsy design with just florals on a dark background, as this has impact and contrasted well with the main print. This ditsy is also available as a one colour design on white.

Simple and cute placement prints with ‘applique’ design elements have been included to tie the collection together with the characters.

The collection is available to buy or license. Please get in touch for more details.

Cute Easter baby onesie with pastel coloured bunny and flower pattern

With every new year, we habitually make plans and decisions to improve upon or change our lives. I decided to not make any significant resolutions for 2017 except to try and feel less anxious about life, and to be a little bit more adventurous. Using my sketchbook as way to destress each day seemed like a simple idea so in early January I found a small sketchbook, and have given myself about 30 minutes each day to draw something.

There are many contemporary artists and illustrators who swear by daily sketchbook keeping. Ohn Mar Win has recently launched a Skillshare class on keeping a sketchbook everyday, and testifies to how much her art and confidence has grown on the two years since she started.

Jennifer Orkin Lewis (aka August Wren) published her much anticipated book last year called Draw Everyday, Draw Everyway, and as simple as it sounds, the book encourages you to draw from the theme prompts and to explore various mediums at the same time. A little practice each day can have an enormous effect on the quality of your art in the long run.

With this in mind, I took on the challenge, however without the challenge part. I didn’t want to feel pressurised into sharing my sketchbook work daily. It needs to be carefree and most of all relaxing to help cope with the everyday stresses of life.

My daily sketchbook practice allows me to explore simple themes and think about shapes in a new way. I am enjoying exploring geometrics and florals with a fresh eye, and using the spread of the page to create interesting and dynamic compositions.

I am hoping that with daily sketchbook practice, my illustration and surface pattern design work may develop along new lines, and with continued use of the sketchbook, eventually a long lasting habit with emerge that will influence and enhance my art for the better.

Daily sketchbook practice and drawing by Alice Potter Illustration

Daily sketchbook practice and drawing by Alice Potter Illustration

Daily sketchbook practice and drawing by Alice Potter Illustration

Daily sketchbook practice and drawing by Alice Potter Illustration

Daily sketchbook practice and drawing by Alice Potter Illustration

I recently brought myself a small box of Winsor and Newton Designers Gouache as I have been itching to try out painting with these for a while. Acrylic and watercolour have never felt good to me. They make me feel uncomfortable and lacking in skill, so when I painted the Blue Vase, I was so happy with how it all felt. I like the feel of the paint on paper and how it reflects my digital work. How you can layer up colours and details on top of each other. There are so many possibilities to explore my illustration work through the medium of paint.

When I was studying at university I remember trying to use paint as a way to explore my artwork, but always ended up gravitating to the computer where I felt less pressure. Painting has so much history behind it, and sometimes it feels like all of my contemporaries can paint well. Instead, I’m going to give myself room to explore and play and learn and not to expect anything from painting with gouache.

Painting the blue vase with flowers was an experiment in imagination. I used no source material and just created shapes that felt right to fill the page. I think it could be nice to try painting flowers from source and this may be something I try in the future.


In this post you can see an A3 painting of some kitchen spices. I chose really vintage colours in pinks and greens, and added lines and details that reflected my sketchbook work. I enjoyed the layout of this piece and the possible applications of this artwork. You can see that if you click HERE.

It’s currently available in my art licensing portfolio. If you are interested in any of my art, please get in TOUCH.

Blue Vase, Gouache Painting, gouache illustration, painting, vase of flowers, blue

I don’t think I have known a year to fly by as quickly as this one. I think grief can warp time an incredible amount. You can loose days, weeks and months so easily without a though. Finding happy moments from this year is undoubtably hard, but when I really think about it I have seen and done a lot of amazing things that my Dad would have loved.

1. Moving To Paris – At the end of January I packed up my belongings and moved to Paris with my boyfriend. I was homesick for weeks (which really hurts btw), but I did eventually find my feet and I fell in love with the city. My Mum even visited with me in May which was really great for her.

Alice Potter Paris

2. Vintage Party Games Book – I saw the publication of my second book with Cico, where I had illustrated super cute spot illustrations for this unique activity book. It can be brought HERE.

Vintage Party Games Book

Alice Potter Vintage Party Games for Cico Books

3. Travelling – As well as mastering the art of travelling between London and Paris on a regular basis, I have also been to Marseille and returned to London on the Eurostar from there too. I then spent 2 weeks carpooling around Spain, a country I had never been to. It was one of the best trips I have ever been on.

Spanish Road Trip

4. KUTE – I recently launched my first home decor collection with my boyfriend, which is both a challenge and an experience in itself. The collection was inspired by out trips around Spain.


5. Turing 30 – enough said.

6. Lonely Planet – Another of my top projects from the end of 2014 finally got published as a travel journal. I still get so excited when I see my work printed in books.  It can be brought HERE.

Lonely Planet Travel JOurnal Cover  
Lonely Planet Spread_01

7. Print & Pattern – As well as getting KUTE published onto my favourite design blog, I also managed to get some of my designs picked for the new Print & Pattern book which is to be published in 2016.

Print & Pattern Nature Book

If you didn’t know already, you can download a free Christmas Colouring Poster which I designed recently. It’s a great activity to do with young children or just for yourself. I coloured my own A3 poster using brush pens and copics, and felt so focused and relaxed during the 2 mornings it took me to complete.

I took some photos during my poster and you can see the results above. Hopefully it will inspire you to print out and try your own.


Animated Peace and Joy Colouring Poster by Alice Potter Illustration



Have a wonderful, restful Christmas everyone!

I’m really excited to announce that my collection of prints and patterns will be on show with my agents, Cinnamon Joe Studio at the new BluePrint show in New York. Along with 11 other studios, Cinnamon Joe Studio are inviting buyers and art licencors to visit between the 14th – 16th May 2015. You can find out more HERE.

From the 17th – 19th May, I will also have some of my work shown at Surtex on behalf of A Fresh Bunch and my new agents, Pure Illustration. Fingers crossed for some positive reactions to my work.

This March I have just completed Part B of the Lilla Rogers e-course. This was a follow on to Part A and sees a new market being introduced each week for 5 weeks. For me on a personal level, completing the assignments was strenuous. I lost my dad and my cat in March and was emotionally exhausted (I still am). Finding a little energy each day I managed to get though the assignments, completing artwork for the markets: stationery and card, kids clothing, scarpbooking, editorial and party paper.

You can see my final pieces below (minus 1).

I’m about to restart Bootcamp now, so will be posting monthly reviews of my work for the next 3 months.







Wall Art was the flavour of the month and the theme was scenic vintage plates.

After researching and sketching a little (a very little due to time restraints), I started focusing on folk style houses.

The main assignment was to paint on a round wood slice, and with some experimenting I opted to do a digital illustration rendered onto the wood.

You can see my final artwork below and you can access the entire class gallery HERE.

I’m looking forward to starting MATS Part B on Monday now. I enjoy the intensity of this course and how much I can learn and grow in just 5 weeks.

I’ll be doing my weekly blog roundups during the course so check back here then.

Have a creative day!