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I have made a big decision today. One, that I hope will greatly affect my career in a positive way and help me grow as an artist and designer.

The decision I made was to join Lilla Rogers Make Art That Sells e-course. I have consistently been impressed with the quality of work from graduates of the course and thought that this may be what I need to supercharge my work.

Many people often think that I have quite a successful career as an illustrator, and whilst I have had some good projects and clients over the years it’s never been as busy as I would like. Designing for the commercial market and particularly for fabric, gifts and stationery and kids clothes is my ULTIMATE DREAM, and I hope that Lilla and this course will help re-direct me on the right path to achieving that.

The course starts on Monday, and yes, I am feeling a little nervous and overwhelmed. I feel like I am going to school for real, for the first time. I have even found a brand, spanking new and empty sketchbook that was on a shelf ready for all my feverish drawings and ideas.

I’m ready for a new challenge and I’ll keep you all updated with the course in a couple of weeks.


Logo designed for Tesco Living new online Kid’s Safari Club.

The brief required me to create a simple logo to be used on all the activities on the site. Simple hand lettered typography with the magnifying glass and bumble bee created an effective logo design that was child friendly.

I have also shown two other variations that I proposed to the client before the final was chosen.

Client: Tesco Living

April 2014

Tesco Kid's Safari Club_01 Tesco Kid's Safari Club_02 Tesco Kid's Safari Club_03