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Licensing your art can be a lucrative business decision. It allows your art to be leveraged over many different markets, and the art licensing world is an exciting place to share your art.
In my own experience, I have been lucky enough to license my art for cards and gift wrap and know how important it is to keep your portfolio stocked with these go to themes.
With my new agents, Advocate Art, my artwork is easily available for brands to pick up for a variety of product, but you don’t need an agent to succeed in this field either.
Listed below are the themes I believe should be in YOUR portfolio NOW:
  • Christmas
  • Valentines
  • Easter
  • Halloween
Cute Snowmen Greeting Card Design by Alice PotterOCCASSIONS:
  • Mothers Day
  • Fathers Day
  • Graduation
  • New Job
  • New Baby
  • Thank You
  • Get Well
Mothers Day Floral Card Design by Alice Potter Illustration
  • Birthday
  • Floral
  • Geometric
Floral Pattern Design for Textiles or Gift Wrap by Alice Potter- art licensing - Pattern designWhen designing for art licensing, try to think of the end product. Greeting cards are best designed in sets of 4 in a 5″ x 7″  format. ALWAYS refer to a card publishers submission guidelines to clarify the format and submission process, as some do differ.
Remember that gift wrap and bags are a huge market, so designing patterns that may coordinate with a card collection immediately makes that collection more valuable.
Everyday floral and geometric are a good addition in this market.
In this design below, I was able to combine lettering and the design of a stripe to create this pattern licensed to Abacus Cards in 2017.
Abacus Cards Happy Birthday Gift Wrap design - Art Licensing -  Gift Wrap Design
Character art is very popular in the art licensing world especially characters aimed at a more juvenile market.
Christmas art can be modern in style, but from my experience, colours and icons need to be on the edge of traditional. Think Winter Village, Trees, Snowmen, Baubles etc
The same applies to Valentines art, where hearts, pink and red are key.
Attacking these themes with a fresh eye and in your own style will always bring something new and exciting to the saturated market. A market that is constantly looking to buy new art!
Love Hearts with Polka Dot details by Alice Potter - Art Licensing -  Greeting Card Design
Getting your work out there can be easier than you think. Go shopping and look at the manufacturers and publishers details on the reverse. Go to their website and look to see if they accept submissions. Often you will find a direct email address. If not, fill in the contact form and ask politely who you can contact, or, alternatively, give them a ring.
Send ONLY low res artwork and send it out in an organised way so you don’t get overwhelmed and confused.
With these popular themes in your portfolio, you are sure to get success in the wonderful world of art licensing, and if you are representing yourself and get a little confused about contracts and pricing, I really do recommend joining an illustrators association like the AOI for support and advice.

Introducing the new Olive Owl collection for Trend Lab.

Very early on in 2016 I had the luck of connecting with Trend Lab, a gorgeous online manufacturer and retailer of baby bedding and nursery decor.  It was great to find that they were interested in one of my collections I had done the previous year and so a deal was made.

Roll on a year and a half later and those designs are now a whole range of baby bedding and nursery decor including a quilt and bedding set, a clock, a shelf and a storage caddy and it’s all very cute!

When you work the way I do designing flat illustrations and pattern designs, it’s often hard to imagine anything other than what they are already. Seeing my designs become a 3Dimensional reality for the first time has blown me away. It’s amazing what they have created with so little and I just love that my little Olive Owl will be gracing baby bedrooms in the US for a good long while, I hope. The collection is called Olive Owl and can be brought HERE.

This project is a great example of what a designer and manufacturer can achieve. If you manufacture gift and home ware or stationery, please get in touch with me today. I love sharing my current collections and also enjoy working to commission to create bespoke designs just for you.

Click HERE to find out more.

Olive Owl Baby Nursery Collection For Trend Lab by Alice Potter Illustration

Olive Owl Bedding Collection For Trend Lab

Olive Owl Baby Nursery Collection For Trend Lab by Alice Potter Illustration

Olive Owl Quilt for Trend Lab

Olive Owl Baby Nursery Collection For Trend Lab by Alice Potter Illustration

Olive Owl Storage Caddy for Trend Lab by Alice Potter Illustration


Olive Owl Storage Caddy for Trend Lab

Olive Owl Baby Nursery Collection For Trend Lab by Alice Potter Illustration

Olive Owl Wall Clock for Trend Lab

Olive Owl Baby Nursery Collection For Trend Lab by Alice Potter Illustration

Olive Owl Wall Shelf for Trend Lab

Olive Owl Window Valance for Trend Lab by Alice Potter IllustrationOlive Owl Window Valance for Trend Lab

Original Olive Owl Illustration and Pattern Collection by Alice Potter

Original Illustration

Original Olive Owl Illustration and Pattern Collection by Alice Potter

Original Pattern

Original Olive Owl Illustration and Pattern Collection by Alice Potter

Original Coordinate

Today is Small Business Saturday so why not get out there and support your local small business on the hightsreet or shop small online.

There really is no excuse for not going out and doing a bit of Christmas shopping this weekend.

To help, I have a sale on in my shop with big discounts on art prints, and I thought I would also share some other things that are happening all weekend to celebrate.

1. Emmeline Pidgen is illustrating small businesses all weekend.

Emmeline Pigeon Illustration Small Business Saturday

2. Support card shops by supporting the ‘Just A Card’ campaign.

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 10.34.19

3. Etsy has put on Etsy Made Local markets all over the UK. If you are near Soho pop along this weekend to support London based designer/makers.

Etsy MAde Local Small Business Saturday

4. Not On The Highstreet are celebrating with Colour Saturday.

Not On The Highstreet Colour Saturday




















5. The London Illustration Fair is on until Sunday where you can discover some of the UKs top graphic artists and illustrators.

London Illustration Fair

Happy shopping.

Wow! This year has flown by for me. What has actually been 12 months feels like 6 and it surprises me how much you can achieve in that perceived time-frame. Below I am going to outline a few projects that have stood out  for me, and some personal things from this year:

1. WWT Waterlife Magazine

I was happy to start the year working on an editorial project for a trust that I admire and am passionate about. When I was 15, and in the first summer that the Wetlands Centre was open (around 2002 I think), I did my work experience feeding birds, planting rice paddies and getting sunburnt. It was wonderful! Having the opportunity to create illustrations for their magazine was like re-visiting an old friend.

Waterlife Magazine_09

2. France

It’s become my second home this year having visited Paris, Lille, Epernay, Reims, Chalons en Champagne and Nime on multiple occasions. Here is a photo from my trip to the South Of France in July.

Le Grau De Roi

3. Make Art That Sells

At the end of October I signed up to the Lilla Rogers Studio Make Art That Sells course. That turned out to be an excellent decision, as during those short 5 weeks, my creativity improved and I had a new passion for designing again. I have since signed up for the Assignment Bootcamp starting in January, and will be joining Part Be of MATS in March. My drawing pencil is tingling with excitement already!

Week 2: Home Decor

Pretty Suzani_02



4. My Boyfriend

At the end of November I celebrated 1 year with my boyfriend, Aurelien. He’s French, which will explain all the visits to France this year. We have been very lucky to travel as much as we have and I look forward to more future adventures with him.

Eastbourne Portrait

5. Secret Projects

In November I worked on a really exciting project with a great client. The brief was wonderfully free and open, and I look forward to sharing the results in 2015. I also signed a temporary contract with Cinnamon Joe Studio, and have been busy designing new prints for stationery and kids clothes. Since MATS, I have a new sense of what I want my career to be, and being a full time freelance designer for a studio like Cinnamon Joe is that dream. If things go well with them, I hope to be able to share with you some of my sold designs out there in the world.

6. My Niece

What a gift she really is! It’s such a wonderful pleasure being an aunt and it has made family get together’s all the more special. When you come from an exceptionally small family like I do, any new addition is greatly received and my niece Phoebe has certainly had an entertaining 1st year. Here is a little picture of her about a month before her 1st birthday.