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I don’t think I have known a year to fly by as quickly as this one. I think grief can warp time an incredible amount. You can loose days, weeks and months so easily without a though. Finding happy moments from this year is undoubtably hard, but when I really think about it I have seen and done a lot of amazing things that my Dad would have loved.

1. Moving To Paris – At the end of January I packed up my belongings and moved to Paris with my boyfriend. I was homesick for weeks (which really hurts btw), but I did eventually find my feet and I fell in love with the city. My Mum even visited with me in May which was really great for her.

Alice Potter Paris

2. Vintage Party Games Book – I saw the publication of my second book with Cico, where I had illustrated super cute spot illustrations for this unique activity book. It can be brought HERE.

Vintage Party Games Book

Alice Potter Vintage Party Games for Cico Books

3. Travelling – As well as mastering the art of travelling between London and Paris on a regular basis, I have also been to Marseille and returned to London on the Eurostar from there too. I then spent 2 weeks carpooling around Spain, a country I had never been to. It was one of the best trips I have ever been on.

Spanish Road Trip

4. KUTE – I recently launched my first home decor collection with my boyfriend, which is both a challenge and an experience in itself. The collection was inspired by out trips around Spain.


5. Turing 30 – enough said.

6. Lonely Planet – Another of my top projects from the end of 2014 finally got published as a travel journal. I still get so excited when I see my work printed in books.  It can be brought HERE.

Lonely Planet Travel JOurnal Cover  
Lonely Planet Spread_01

7. Print & Pattern – As well as getting KUTE published onto my favourite design blog, I also managed to get some of my designs picked for the new Print & Pattern book which is to be published in 2016.

Print & Pattern Nature Book

I thought I should update you all on the last 3 weeks I have spent in Paris. I came out in early May with my mum. It was an opportunity for her to relax and take her mind off of things since my dad’s passing. We spent 3 full days travelling all around Paris and seeing things she hadn’t seen before. She was definitely exhausted by the end, but I am so happy she got to see my little flat and the area of Saint Cloud in which I stay.

After she returned to London, I spent some time re-adjusting to being here as it had been 2 months almost since I had left previously. I started working on projects, going to the gym regularly and have enjoyed many fun weekends enjoying what Paris has to offer. I am now back in London for 3 weeks, where I will be attending my nieces baptism and catching up with friends.

Here are a few pictures of my time here in May:





Back in January I moved (for the very first time in  my life) out of my family home in London, to a small flat in Saint Cloud just outside of Paris.

I was terrified, stressed beyond belief, and hated leaving my parents. I’m writing this now, as my Dad has recently passed away after a long battle with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) and he was so happy and chuffed to see me fly the parental nest. I’m pleased he got to see me grow up at least a little.

I’m currently back in London now, but will be going back to small flat as soon as i can. The satisfaction of knowing how easy it is to travel between here and there makes it a little easier on the heart and head, and I don’t think my Dad would have wanted to me give up so soon.

I’m going to try and share more of my experiences out there on this blog so please do check back. Below are some snaps of my first 7 weeks in Paris.

I’ll be back soon.

Au revoir!


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