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With every new year, we habitually make plans and decisions to improve upon or change our lives. I decided to not make any significant resolutions for 2017 except to try and feel less anxious about life, and to be a little bit more adventurous. Using my sketchbook as way to destress each day seemed like a simple idea so in early January I found a small sketchbook, and have given myself about 30 minutes each day to draw something.

There are many contemporary artists and illustrators who swear by daily sketchbook keeping. Ohn Mar Win has recently launched a Skillshare class on keeping a sketchbook everyday, and testifies to how much her art and confidence has grown on the two years since she started.

Jennifer Orkin Lewis (aka August Wren) published her much anticipated book last year called Draw Everyday, Draw Everyway, and as simple as it sounds, the book encourages you to draw from the theme prompts and to explore various mediums at the same time. A little practice each day can have an enormous effect on the quality of your art in the long run.

With this in mind, I took on the challenge, however without the challenge part. I didn’t want to feel pressurised into sharing my sketchbook work daily. It needs to be carefree and most of all relaxing to help cope with the everyday stresses of life.

My daily sketchbook practice allows me to explore simple themes and think about shapes in a new way. I am enjoying exploring geometrics and florals with a fresh eye, and using the spread of the page to create interesting and dynamic compositions.

I am hoping that with daily sketchbook practice, my illustration and surface pattern design work may develop along new lines, and with continued use of the sketchbook, eventually a long lasting habit with emerge that will influence and enhance my art for the better.

Daily sketchbook practice and drawing by Alice Potter Illustration

Daily sketchbook practice and drawing by Alice Potter Illustration

Daily sketchbook practice and drawing by Alice Potter Illustration

Daily sketchbook practice and drawing by Alice Potter Illustration

Daily sketchbook practice and drawing by Alice Potter Illustration

Here is my second instalment of sharing my sketchbook spreads. This week, I took inspiration from the page of teacups I did as part of the Creative Bug Daily Drawing Challenge. The designs were screaming greeting card designs, which I did in one day. The next day I had sold half of the collection.

It goes to show that drawing leads to ideas, which then leads to opportunities and it’s made me feel positive about my work in this new year.

Here are a few pages for you to enjoy this week:

sketchbook spread - Alice Potter illustration Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 16.01.12 Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 16.01.25

As promised, I am starting as I intend to go on this year, by posting my sketchbook spreads. Drawing in my sketchbook has only recently become a thing for me. Before, I used to dive into digital work with barely a rough. You can read about my drawing story HERE.

It’s really satisfying completing a whole spread of a book with icons, using ink and brush pens to really finish the piece. I have even managed to turn one or two spreads into finished pieces of artwork.

My aim is to have these pages as reference pages too, for future work.

I’m also currently taking the Daily Drawing Challenge on Creativebug, run by Lisa Congden. There is a theme every day, accompanied by a bite size video, and it offers you a chance to draw an object in many different ways. It’s a great warm up exercise and you can follow along HERE.

I’ll post more next month.

DDC_01_AlicePotter Flowers Spread_Alice Potter

Paisley Spread_Alice Potter

Leaves Spread_Alice Potter

Leaves Alice Potter

I am almost embarrassed to admit this, but as an illustrator, I rarely sit down and draw. I have got away with it for so long now, working immediately in Illustrator, and never touching a pencil, that it had become normal. It’s a terrible admission, I know, but I am honestly beginning to rectify it.

Last week, I brought myself some new materials which are listed below and switched on the Creativebug video by Lisa Congdon on drawing. Her approach to drawing inspired me to commit to the sketchbook again.

Here is a list of the materials I brought:

  1. Graphgear 1000 technical pencil by Pentel in size 7
  2. Graphik black line drawing pen by Derwent in sizes 0.5 and 0.8
  3. Tombow ABT brush pen in a variety of colours

My ultimate aim is to enjoy drawing again rather than seeing it as somewhat of a chore.

This is one of my first spreads after watching the Creativebug class:

Alice Potter Illustration Flower Drawing in sketchbook

Alice Potter Illustration Flower Drawing in sketchbook

I will keep you updated here as I progress with my challenge and re-learning.

And why don’t you give the gift of creativity with this link and get 12 months free for yourself too over on Creativebug

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