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I was delighted to work once again with the wonderful team at Aceville publications to create a new stamp kit for issue 305 of Crafts Beautiful Magazine. The theme was Cats and Dogs and I was able to create a really cute collection of animal characters that were suitable for both older women and young children too.

The craft market in general is a really fun market to work within as an artist. A lot of companies are very open to new ideas and on trend designs so it can be quite exciting to get briefs like this.

I have really enjoyed seeing the final product for this project, which came out recently in all good newsagents. The stamps come with a die cut template and ink with many project ideas inside the magazine to make the most of your kit.

If you would like to work with me on a similar project for you magazine/brand/company, then please do get in touch HERE.

I am always keen to partner and build relationships with new clients and to create beautiful art for them.

Crafts Beautiful Magazine Issue 305 Cover With Free Stamp Kit Designed By Alice Potter


Crafts Beautiful Magazine Issue 305 Internal With Free Stamp Kit Designed By Alice Potter

Cute Projects like the above are available to make with my free stamp kit!