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It’s now September as I write this, remembering my wonderful 10 day French road trip in Provence and the Carmargue at the end of July. We left London on July 20th heading to Lyon on the Eurostar. It was here that our trip started with an overnight stay and the opportunity to explore the city on the Rhone river by foot.

I recommend highly a visit to the botanic gardens and a lunch time break on the river bank. On July 21st we collected our car and headed down to our first airbnb base in a small, remote village called Bras, in the Var region. It’s so small, it’s even quite hard to find on a map, but if you can find Brignoles, it’s just north-east of that.

The next day we jumped in the car and headed down the steep hillside slop from our hosts house and headed North to Barjols in search of a small waterfall called Les Calmes. It was a wonderfully peaceful few hours with us being the only people there until the arrival of a dog walker and a small family. Usually, it is a good place to swim, but unfortunately on this occasion, the water had been switched off (what! How?!) by a house at the top of the cliff. We still took the opportunity to stand underneath the waterfall as the sun glinted off the water droplets and made a wonderful rainbow. It was pretty perfect!

That same day we headed to Bauduen and then straight onto the Gorges Du Verdon which was absolutely stunning. An enormous turquoise lake that cuts through a canyon and on which you can travel down on a boat or pedalow. We hired a pedalow ourselves and journeyed through the canyon, and despite how busy it was, it was an incredible experience to be so small floating along beside the enormous cliffs.

Just near the canyon is the village of Moustiers Sainte Marie which is well known for it’s history in ceramics. It’s a beautiful hilltop village with stunning views and pretty coloured houses. There is also a small ceramic museum and plenty of shops to by some locally made ceramic gifts.

Towards the end of the day we decided to try and find our next waterfall called Sillans. After a 30 minute walk along a guided track, we were led to a viewing platform to see the 42m high waterfall collect in the turquoise clear pool below. We would have loved to swim in it.

Our last destination for this, or first full day in the car, was the village of Cotignac which was a delightful hilltop artists village. It’s a great place to sit and eat and drink through the balmy evening and to experience a real French atmosphere.

It was now time for us to head to the coast, and our first destination was Cassis, the beautiful and luxurious coastal town. It was a complete nightmare to find anywhere to park, but once that was sorted, we spent a little time on the busy beach front, before moving along the coast to a small and more secluded beach. Cassis is full of beautiful houses with glorious views of the sea and with many calanques around the coast to explore, it’s a beautiful spot.


I don’t think I have known a year to fly by as quickly as this one. I think grief can warp time an incredible amount. You can loose days, weeks and months so easily without a though. Finding happy moments from this year is undoubtably hard, but when I really think about it I have seen and done a lot of amazing things that my Dad would have loved.

1. Moving To Paris – At the end of January I packed up my belongings and moved to Paris with my boyfriend. I was homesick for weeks (which really hurts btw), but I did eventually find my feet and I fell in love with the city. My Mum even visited with me in May which was really great for her.

Alice Potter Paris

2. Vintage Party Games Book – I saw the publication of my second book with Cico, where I had illustrated super cute spot illustrations for this unique activity book. It can be brought HERE.

Vintage Party Games Book

Alice Potter Vintage Party Games for Cico Books

3. Travelling – As well as mastering the art of travelling between London and Paris on a regular basis, I have also been to Marseille and returned to London on the Eurostar from there too. I then spent 2 weeks carpooling around Spain, a country I had never been to. It was one of the best trips I have ever been on.

Spanish Road Trip

4. KUTE – I recently launched my first home decor collection with my boyfriend, which is both a challenge and an experience in itself. The collection was inspired by out trips around Spain.


5. Turing 30 – enough said.

6. Lonely Planet – Another of my top projects from the end of 2014 finally got published as a travel journal. I still get so excited when I see my work printed in books.  It can be brought HERE.

Lonely Planet Travel JOurnal Cover  
Lonely Planet Spread_01

7. Print & Pattern – As well as getting KUTE published onto my favourite design blog, I also managed to get some of my designs picked for the new Print & Pattern book which is to be published in 2016.

Print & Pattern Nature Book

I thought I should update you all on the last 3 weeks I have spent in Paris. I came out in early May with my mum. It was an opportunity for her to relax and take her mind off of things since my dad’s passing. We spent 3 full days travelling all around Paris and seeing things she hadn’t seen before. She was definitely exhausted by the end, but I am so happy she got to see my little flat and the area of Saint Cloud in which I stay.

After she returned to London, I spent some time re-adjusting to being here as it had been 2 months almost since I had left previously. I started working on projects, going to the gym regularly and have enjoyed many fun weekends enjoying what Paris has to offer. I am now back in London for 3 weeks, where I will be attending my nieces baptism and catching up with friends.

Here are a few pictures of my time here in May:





Wow! This year has flown by for me. What has actually been 12 months feels like 6 and it surprises me how much you can achieve in that perceived time-frame. Below I am going to outline a few projects that have stood out  for me, and some personal things from this year:

1. WWT Waterlife Magazine

I was happy to start the year working on an editorial project for a trust that I admire and am passionate about. When I was 15, and in the first summer that the Wetlands Centre was open (around 2002 I think), I did my work experience feeding birds, planting rice paddies and getting sunburnt. It was wonderful! Having the opportunity to create illustrations for their magazine was like re-visiting an old friend.

Waterlife Magazine_09

2. France

It’s become my second home this year having visited Paris, Lille, Epernay, Reims, Chalons en Champagne and Nime on multiple occasions. Here is a photo from my trip to the South Of France in July.

Le Grau De Roi

3. Make Art That Sells

At the end of October I signed up to the Lilla Rogers Studio Make Art That Sells course. That turned out to be an excellent decision, as during those short 5 weeks, my creativity improved and I had a new passion for designing again. I have since signed up for the Assignment Bootcamp starting in January, and will be joining Part Be of MATS in March. My drawing pencil is tingling with excitement already!

Week 2: Home Decor

Pretty Suzani_02



4. My Boyfriend

At the end of November I celebrated 1 year with my boyfriend, Aurelien. He’s French, which will explain all the visits to France this year. We have been very lucky to travel as much as we have and I look forward to more future adventures with him.

Eastbourne Portrait

5. Secret Projects

In November I worked on a really exciting project with a great client. The brief was wonderfully free and open, and I look forward to sharing the results in 2015. I also signed a temporary contract with Cinnamon Joe Studio, and have been busy designing new prints for stationery and kids clothes. Since MATS, I have a new sense of what I want my career to be, and being a full time freelance designer for a studio like Cinnamon Joe is that dream. If things go well with them, I hope to be able to share with you some of my sold designs out there in the world.

6. My Niece

What a gift she really is! It’s such a wonderful pleasure being an aunt and it has made family get together’s all the more special. When you come from an exceptionally small family like I do, any new addition is greatly received and my niece Phoebe has certainly had an entertaining 1st year. Here is a little picture of her about a month before her 1st birthday.



I just wanted to share this recent editorial I did for Click Magazine. It’s a 1/4 page illustration on the theme of archiving. You can see by the roughs that I came up with the the idea pretty quickly.

I really enjoyed working on this piece for the client. I only wish I could see a print copy.

Click Magazine_Archiving

Click Roughs_02


Click Roughs_01

Click Roughs_03