>Time For A Break

>Time For A Break


I am off a little holiday next week. I fly early on Monday 4th October, with my mother to Corfu. We went there last year, and are happy to be staying at the same apartments, in the resort of Arillas. The picture above shows you what it was like last year!
I will be putting my etsy shop on vacation mode for the week, so if you wish to contact me I would suggest you do so before Sunday ends. 

Yesterday, I also received my order of pocket mirrors, from Awesome Merchandise and I love them. I have always wanted to get some done. They are already up for sale in my Etsy shop, and I hope they prove to be popular. 
I hope to come back from my holiday feeling a little better in myself, a little more energetic, and hopefully full of new ideas to crack on with. 
I shall take plenty of pictures too. 
See you on the 11th!
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